Creative Services

Companies focused on providing services related to cultural, entertainment, artistic, or recreational interests to patrons. Example companies include interior designers, photographers, graphic designers, pottery & ceramics, balloon artists, & paint artists.

interior designers

Interior designers work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, transforming spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that reflect the occupants' lifestyle and preferences. The scope of services can vary depending on the specific needs and scope of each project.

photographers service

Photographers offer a range of services to capture moments, memories, and visual narratives through the art and science of photography. The services provided can vary based on the photographer's specialization and expertise.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers provide a range of services related to visual communication and design. They use their creative and technical skills to convey messages or information through various visual elements.

Pottery and ceramics

Pottery and ceramics are ancient art forms that involve creating objects from clay, shaping them, and then firing them in a kiln to achieve hardness.

Paint artists

Paint artists, commonly referred to as painters or visual artists, use various painting techniques and mediums to create visual art. Painting is a diverse and expressive form of artistic communication, and artists may work with different materials, styles, and themes.

Dance Studio

A dance studio is a specialized facility designed for the teaching, practice, and performance of dance. These studios provide a dedicated space for dancers of various skill levels to learn different dance forms, refine techniques, and express themselves through movement.

User Interface (UI) Design

Christina Roberts is a certified sleep consultant with 10+ years of experience working with young families. Christina is a mother of three fabulous sleepers and runs her sleep consulting practice, Sweet Dreams, in London. She established herself as a leader in the industry, building a strong reputation for always providing top-notch consulting services. Christina is passionate about supporting parents, and her mission is to make sure they have access to evidence-based information.
Art and Craft Studio
An Art and Craft Studio is a dedicated space where individuals can engage in various artistic and creative activities. These studios are designed to provide a conducive environment for people to explore their artistic talents, learn new skills, and express themselves through different forms of art and craft.
Balloon artists
Balloon artists, also known as balloon twisters or balloon sculptors, are entertainers who specialize in creating intricate and imaginative sculptures using balloons. They use various twisting and shaping techniques to transform simple balloons into a wide array of shapes, figures, and designs. Balloon artists often perform at events, parties, festivals, and other celebrations to entertain and delight audiences of all ages.

User Experience (UX) Design

Focusing on the overall user experience, including usability, accessibility, and the overall flow of interactive designs.


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